Return to the Castle

September 22nd 2018
10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Pere Marquette Dr, Canadian Lakes, MI 49346

Site Fees:
Adult Registration (18+) $15
Children 13 and Under: $5
Adult Member Discount: $5
feast: $10

Event Staff:
Event Steward: Lord Seitz Kirbrich (Robert Helm)
Lord Ulrich Eisenhart Feast Steward:THL Mairghread Brightmoore (Jamie Kipp)

Lunch Tavern: Lord Sean Thorvaldson (Bobby Tremaine)

A&S Displays and Classes: Lady Kadem bint Kismet (Katie Muller)

Armored Marshall: Lord Sigurdr Sigvardson (Jon Cornell)

Fencing Marshall: TBA

Vender Steward: Lord Seitz Kirbrich
For More information about vending, please contact nordheim dot seneschel at midrealm dot org

Troll Steward: Mistress Eva vanOldebroek (Wendy Peacock)

Youth Marshall: TBA

Archery Marshall: Lady Geneviefve Jacqueline de Gris (Megan Woodman)

Website: Sa'id Al Ubsari (Mitchell Ryan)

Lunch Menu: TBD

Feast Menu: TBA