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The Canton Of Nordheim

Feast Menu

A Feast of French and Italian delights in honor of
Their Excellencies Antonia and Collette

1st Course
Salade vinaigrette de Vin (salad with vinaigrette)
Fraises et Fromage (strawberries and cheese)
Pane alle olive con Formaggio (olive/herb bread with cheese)

2nd Course
Polpetto con pinole e salvia (meatballs with pine nuts and sage)
Gnocchi con Formaggio (cheese gnocchi)
Feve avec bacon (fava beans with bacon)
Roti de porc avec sauce moutarde (roast pork with mustard sauce)

3rd Course
Castlet (potage de crabe) (crab soup)
Petit pain (bread)

4th Course
Tarte aux poires avec compote de framboise (pear tart with raspberry compote)
Budino al Forno in stile Italiano (bread pudding)
Crema arancione (orange custard)

Feast Stewards: THL Thomasette de Harfleur (TJ Wright)
THL Adallisia Moglie di Simon Varzi (Heather Hemphill),
Seitz Kirbrich (Robert Helm)

Lunch Tavern

Coming Soon
Tavern Master
THL Soffeke Stoterogghen (Amy Urick)

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